Inspired by the legend of Gloria James Hughes, a daring female rum runner from the 1920s prohibition era, the founders of Sugar Girl wanted to create a rum fit for the likes of fabulous, fearless females everywhere. This rum-touting heroine held fabulous cocktail parties on a fishing vessel off the Miami coast - a floating speakeasy - where she served the spicy spirit.

With a rum revival similar to the recent craft gin craze rumoured to be just over the shoreline, we set to work to create a delicious, easy-drinking, smooth rum to be enjoyed on the rocks or in a cocktail. Thus, Sugar Girl was born. It’s a smooth, white rum made from blackstrap molasses, with notes of vanilla and orange - a premium rum to rival its juniper and potato derived cousins.

Gloria didn’t just give the people rum during a dry period in history, she gave them an experience to remember. With Sugar Girl, we hope to do the same. Sugar Girl was created with adventurous, free-spirited women in mind. To be enjoyed with friends and sipped while laughing and dancing the night away.


Sugar Girl Rum is a premium 2 year aged rum made from blackstrap molasses.
Double distilled making it extremely smooth and delicious.
Our full-flavoured rum has a natural sweetness with hints of vanilla & orange.
No added sugars or chemicals.
Pairs beautifully with flavoured tonics or mixers and we call it a RUM FIZZ.


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